Board of Directors

Since So.6 is an organization with significant impact on social, environmental and economic change, the by-laws provide that leadership for the nonprofit includes consistent representation of the entities within the business district and South District neighborhood along with opportunities for well-integrated ex-officio, non-voting representation. 


President: Tasha Lard, JD Beauty Supply, <3k sq ft Leasing Tenant

Vice President: James Mims, Neighborhood Centers of Johnson County, Nonprofit Stakeholder

Treasurer: Elizabeth Walters, MidwestOne Bank, >1% Property Owner

Secretary: Erin Sullivan, Shelter House, Nonprofit Stakeholder

Directors, Voting Members

Caleb Wilson, Southgate Properties, <1% Property Owner

Elias Ortiz/Bronis Perteit, Domestic Violence Intervention Program, <1% Property Owner

Sara Sundblad, Stuff, Etc. and MGNS, LLC, >1% Property Owner

Brett Erickson, Faith Academy, >3k sq ft Leasing Tenant

Nick Bergus, South District Neighborhood, Resident

Tatiana Washington, South District Neighborhood, Resident

Thomas Hoak, Parkview Church, Pepperwood Plaza Association

Susan Scott, Crowded Closet MCC, Nonprofit Stakeholder

Mona Kenyon, Systems Unlimited, Inc., Nonprofit Stakeholder

Ex-officio, Non-voting Members

Sarah Thompson, Greater Iowa City, Inc.

Rachel Kilburg Varley, City of Iowa City

Nancy Bird, Greater Iowa City, Inc.

Monica Nieves, Think Iowa City

Tyesha Perry, Skogman Realty

Ben Kayser, Association of Letter Carriers

Board Meetings & Organizing Documents

Board meetings are held every other month and members are encouraged to attend as well as to serve on So.6 working committees. Committees include: Executive, Finance, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Arts & Entertainment. Some committees are open to community members. If you are interested in serving, please contact So.6 directly.

Meeting minutes, articles of incorporation, bylaws, and SSMID petition are available upon request.