South of 6 Iowa City Business District

You come south of Highway 6 into the So.6 district for the experience and the connection. You come to find deals and shop second hand. Jump with the kids. Browse goods made by a diverse group of entrepreneurs. Grab a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. Fill up the gas tank and get a carwash. Mail your grandma’s birthday card that’s been stuck in your sun visor for the past two months.

You come because you need and want specialty products that can only be found on the south side of town. You come on purpose!

Additionally, So.6 provides space for indoor and outdoor events with a generous amount of free parking. It is situated on U.S. Highway 6, with traffic counts second only to I-80 at Coral Ridge Avenue.

Community, Action, Collaborative, Creative, Curious, Resilient - South of 6 Collage

The South of 6 Business District — or So.6 — is a self-supporting municipal improvement district bordering Highway 6 on the south side of Iowa City. Originally developed as Pepperwood Plaza and the surrounding area, the District has been re-imagined as the character of the surrounding neighborhood has developed over the past few years and is poised to become a vital part of community life.